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Visiting Wolf Howl  Animal Preserve


 Come meet our Wolves, Wa-ta-chee, Ohoyo, Waya, Niko Akni, Chito and Woha. Learn about their true nature.       

* We will be conducting private tours for the season, starting May 1, 2015.  The season will run through October 31st, 2015.       You will need to call to schedule an appointment during normal business hours at 662-534-8112.  Please give us a few days advance notice for weekday tours.  Weekend tours should be scheduled well in advance as they fill up fast.  *Due to extreme heat in this part of the country,  summer tours June through August will only be scheduled for 8:30am and after 4:30pm.  Stressing the Wolves during hot weather may be dangerous to their health.


The Wolves can be viewed daily on our Wolf Webcam 24/7.    


What you will see, do and hear when you visit Wolf Howl Animal Preserve 

Visitors coming onto the Preserve for a private tour will be able to view the Wolves.  Our Wolves are leery of strangers and we do not allow any visitors into their enclosure but you will be able to observe them. We will tell you about our Wolves and the species in general.  There will also be scent rolling and howling demonstrations.  Our Wolves are not "trained" pets so they don't always perform but we will give it our best effort.   We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  After hearing about our Wolves, you may visit our Log Cabin Gift Shop that features Wolf and Wildlife related gift items.  Afterwards, feel free to sit on a rocker on the gift shop porch and view the Wolves.

Cameras are allowed. Pets are not allowed, that also means, NO PETS in cars, please.  

Visit_Waya_Wolf.jpg*     Admission prices for private tours     

               $5.00 per Adult    

               $3.00 per Child

There is a minimum charge of $30.00 for private tours.  A credit card payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.

      School Group Admission

               $3.00 per Adult

               $1.00 per Child

 There is a minimum charge of $30.00 for school groups

All tours must be scheduled in advance.  Please give us at least a few days notice.



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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve is located at 1177 State Road 355, Etta, Mississippi 38627.  See map of our location
















Out of State Visitor Information

If you are coming for Wolf Awareness Week from out of State, there are motels and restaurants in a town 14 miles away, see link for New Albany, Mississippi. 

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