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Deluxe Adopt a Wolf Kit - Ohoyo

Wolf pic, certificate, Wolf Fur Pendant and Wolf Bio
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When you buy the deluxe adopt a Wolf Kit, Ohoyo, you will receive in the mail a 5x7 color photo of her, a personalized symbolic adoption certificate suitable for framing, a Wolf Fur Pendant in our Wolf Keepsake Bag and a Bio Sheet on the girl. We take new pictures of the Wolves for the adoption kits around the first of each year. If you would like the certificate in another persons name, please fill out the special instructions box when you submit your order, call us or fill out the Contact us form with that information.

*Remember to add the name of the symbolic adoptive parent, if it’s someone other than yourself in the special instructions box when submitting your order.

About Ohoyo....

Ohoyo is a gorgeous female Wolf with huge paws.  She was the former Alpha Female of the pack and gave birth to four wonderful pups in the spring of 2007.  Her name means "wise woman" in the Choctaw language.  She deserved this name.  When she was living with the rest of the pack, she was very cunning and kept her male pack mates in line despite her small stature.  Ohoyo is a very friendly Wolf.  She loves to cuddle, get scratched and receive belly rubs.  Ohoyo has been retired out of the main pack in the fall of 2010. Her three daughters, led by Woha, decided that it was time to remove her from her position as Alpha. We decided that it wasn't in her best interest to have her remain with the pack. Ohoyo has a way of making everyone smile as she is extremely animated and is always up to something.  You will often find her on top of her house watching the activities at the Preserve.  She lives in an enclosure by herself separated by a fence from the rest of the pack for her safety.  She can still interact with them and is often seen howling, rubbing against the fence with males and fighting with females.  She is truly the Queen of her own domain and we believe she is quite happy with that.

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