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Deluxe Adopt a Wolf Kit - Wa-ta-chee

Picture, certificate, Wolf Fur Pendant and Bio Sheet
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When you buy the deluxe adopt a Wolf Kit, Wa-Ta-Chee, you will receive in the mail a 5x7 color photo of him, a personalized symbolic adoption certificate suitable for framing, a Wolf Fur Pendant in our Wolf Keepsake Bag and a bio sheet on Wa-ta-chee. We take new pictures of the Wolves for the adoption kits around the first of each year. If you would like the certificate in another persons name, please fill out the special instructions box when you submit your order, call us or fill out the Contact us form with that information.

*Remember to add the name of the symbolic adoptive parent, if it’s someone other than yourself in the special instructions box when submitting your order.

About Wa-Ta-Chee....

Wa-Ta-Chee was the former Alpha Male of the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Pack. He took the position from his Brother Waya in 2006 and retained it until January of 2012.  He was the most gentle and fair Alpha I have ever seen.  Wa-Ta-Chee was also the Father of the 2007 Wolf pups born during his reign.  He was a dedicated Father that displayed tenderness and concern for his offspring.  He is very nervous when new people are around as he is worried about the safety of his pack.  He loves to get scratched and give "Wolfie" kisses.  Wa-Ta-Chee has a bit of a naughty nature.  He loves to take things apart.  He disassembled the automatic watering system on his third day at Wolf Howl.  He loves water and still likes to take a dip in the kiddy pool we bring into the enclosure in the summer. His name means, meeting at the waters of talking spirits. 

He loves to eat and is usually hanging around the gate with his muzzle in the air trying to figure out what’s on the menu at dinnertime.  He is a gentle soul and we are honored to care for him.

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