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Wolf Fur Pendant

Real Wolf Fur in a bottle, comes in a keepsake bag

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Our Wolf Fur Pendant, courtesy of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve's Wolves, Waya, Watachee and Ohoyo, may be used as a necklace, hung over something like your rear view mirror or put in your medicine bag.  The pendant is a glass bottle that can be opened.  The cord is 32" long and you can tie it to any size that fits your needs.  The fur is the woolly undercoat of our Wolves that is shed in the spring.  You may get lucky and find a few guard hairs in there but the majority will be undercoat.  The Wolves coat is made up of two different  types of fur.  The top coat or guard hairs are long hairs up to 5 inches in length that are banded with three different colors.  This keeps the Wolf dry in wet weather or snow.  The undercoat is very generally solid in color and is used for warmth in the winter.  The undercoat is shed in the spring so that the Wolf will stay cooler in warm weather.  This Wolf fur pendant comes in our New leather Wolf Keepsake Bag that has a howling Wolf on the front.

This is a very unique Wolf Gift that you will not find just anywhere!  Make a Wolf lover happy and purchase this pendant.  All proceeds go for the care of our Wolves.

No animals were hurt or even slightly inconvenienced in the making of this Wolf Fur Pendant! ^,^

Size: 32" cord, 2" pendant
Color: black cord

Your Price: $19.99
Model Number: 1312

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