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Wolf Howl Wolves Update January 2016


This January was the calmest I could remember ever having at the Preserve during the Wolves winter breeding season.  I’m quite sure it is from the fact that the sought after Male Wolf was Waya.  With his passing and the timing of his illness, none of the Wolves got to pair bond properly.  They are also still mourning the loss of a pack mate.  There were a few fights between Chito and Woha but nothing major or even close.  We all needed the break it was a rough Fall.

The weather has been all over the place due to El Nino.  Warm, like record breaking warm.  Then freezing cold, snow, warm again and we have a severe weather outbreak coming our way on Tuesday.  It’s been warm but very windy the past few days.  The wolves are not found of wind as it messes with their sense of smell.

Ohoyo suffered a sprained left front leg injury at the beginning of the month.  I’m thinking it probably happened when she was jumping on the roof of one of her houses when it was icy.  I’m pleased to say that it is healed and she is not favoring it anymore.  The Wolves always amaze me as they heal so much faster than humans do from injuries of this kind.

During their breeding season, they don’t eat very well as they have other things on their mind.  As soon as it’s over, which is where we are now, their appetites return and they eat much more than they normally do.  I guess they are making up for lost time.  We feed them more during cold weather outbreaks as they burn calories faster than normal.
One of Waya’s adoptive Moms, Jillian had asked me what his favorite treat was.  That was easy, freeze dried liver treats!  She sent him 8 huge containers so his pack mates could have some as well.  Just so she knows how much this is appreciated by the Wolves, I video recorded them getting them.  This is the only treat, as a caretaker that I no longer bring into the enclosure.  I feed it to them through the fence. I would absolutely be bowled over by them with liver treats in hand.  I’m sure I learned that the hard way.  You will notice that the girls, Woha and Chito dominate the fence trying to get all the treats for themselves.  Niko Akni tries to remain calm but eventually loses patience with them.  Wa-ta-chee tries to avoid all conflict so hangs behind in the beginning and looks for opportunities to come and then approaches cautiously.  Ohoyo is by herself so she doesn’t have to fight for her treats.

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