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December Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


The months of November and December are very busy at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  Thankfully we have lots of Christmas shoppers visiting our website.  Since this is how we support the Wolves, we are very happy about this.  However, it means putting in lots of extra hours since we still have to take care of Wolves yet our pulling and packing order times have quadrupled.  The good thing is that it’s a time when the Wolves have their extreme hormonal changes that lead up to their winter breeding season.  They are not very interested in us.  They have other things on their mind.

So far, this hasn't been as stressful as previous years.  I’m sure it largely has to do with the loss of Waya.  He was the coveted Wolf by our females.  They vied for his affections.  The Alpha Female, Chito tries to prevent the other females from pair bonding and subsequently mating at this time of year.  It was a relatively peaceful transition into their proestrus which they entered into a week before Christmas.  If we can get passed the next few weeks without any fights the worse should be over.

We celebrated Christmas with the Wolves on the 24th, Christmas Eve.  They received wrapped presents with stuffed Santa’s and reindeers.  We also put treats in their packages. Two adoptive parents helped us out with this.  Linda, one of Ohoyo’s adoptive Mama’s has sent a big box of treats for them two years in a row.  Jillian who is the adoptive parent of Waya and Wa-ta-chee sent two huge shipments of their favorite treats, in the world, freeze dried liver.  Thank you Linda and Jillian.  We added some of your treats to the ones we bought from all of the adoptive parents.  We thank all of you who adopt our Wolves as this is how we are able to provide these Holiday festivities for them.  Howls!!!!  Below is a video of this year’s celebration.  Enjoy.

Chito is very emotional at this time and cries when she sees me or Don coming into the enclosure.  We have to cuddle, pet and pamper her for awhile and she does feel better.  The howling is just lovely and we can encourage her to sing by telling her how beautiful she sounds.

niko-akni-january-2015.jpgNiko Akni has become very serious this year.  I’m sure it is because he knows that there are only 2 males left to protect their females during the breeding season.  He has taken on the job of scent marking the perimeter which used to be Waya’s job.  He makes sure to get Ohoyo’s area extra good as he can’t be in with her to keep unwanted canine suitors away.  Now, the reality is that we’ve never had canines come close to the fences during this or any other time of year but instinctually this is something he feels he has to do.  He is so devoted to his Sister Chito and wants to make her relaxed and happy so he does what needs to be done.  It’s amazing to me since he will never reap the benefits of breeding season because he is her brother but he does what needs to be done faithfully.  It’s just one of the many reasons I adore that Wolf.


Wa-ta-chee is doing great.  He is friendlier with Don since Waya’s passing.  He’s taken to giving him kisses when he comes in the enclosure and like the rest of the Wolves he loves Don’s backrubs.  This boy loves to eat and I wish I could put him on a diet because he has gained too much weight these past few years.  Unfortunately, they don’t eat like dogs out of their own food bowls.  It’s a pack supper for them and he is always the first to see what’s on the menu for the day.


Our Woha is a precious girl, naughty but fun.  You can see that brain of hers is always devising her next move.  She is a real challenge to her Sister, Chito who tries to keep order in the pack.  She likes to stir things up in there.  She is the Wolf that initiates play.  They all get annoyed with her from time to time but deep down appreciate her sense of adventure.  In the Christmas video she is the one that is the boldest and opens the presents first.  Woha loves our male caretaker Don and always has since he was a pup.  She flirts with him shamelessly, approaches him with her ears down submissively and dotes on his every move.  With me, she is bold.  She’s the one I have to watch out for so she doesn’t steal my gloves, hat or just anything that isn’t attached.  Yesterday, I forgot to take off my street boots before I entered the enclosure and she had never seen these before.  She was immediately on that.  I couldn’t walk without her muzzle resting on my foot or her biting the fur cuff.  That naturally drew attention to the fact that something was new and the rest of the pack soon followed suit in pestering me and giving a thorough inspection to my boots.

Mama Wolf, Ohoyo is fantastic.  I just love when I come into the enclosure and she gets up on her hind legs to greet me and give me a big old sloppy Wolf kiss.  It took me awhile to get to this point with her as she was always my challenge.  For those of you who are new to Wolf Howl, this girl bit me every day for the first year or so after she came to live here.  Nothing serious of course, just little nips mainly on my back side and all of my shirts, jackets and even some pants had tooth holes in them.  When that finally ended, I guess she figured I earned her trust and she is the sweetest with me now.  This fall will mark the 11th year she has been with us.  She still looks like she would like to bite Don in the backside when he’s in there with her, feeding, watering or cutting the grass but decides not to risk it as he’s too big.  She does like to get pet by him but prefers it through the fence.  She is not a Wolf that trusts easily.

I decorated the Wolves and dogs graves for Christmas. I also put up Waya's marker.  Jillian, one of Waya's adoptive Mothers sent lovely bouquets of lilies, white roses and pine sprigs to lay on their graves.  It looked very beautiful and was a wonderful tribute to them.



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