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February at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - Read about the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves, the tornado that struck their Vet's office and watch the video of a Wolf Family Dinner.
CONFLICT AND CONTROL - The Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf's Habitat by Chris Kirby  - This outstanding article, by Chris Kirby, poses some food for thought on the possible reasons of conflict between the wild Wolf and Man. This is an extremely worthwhile read.
Favorite Wolf pictures from the month of February 2008  - Take a look at the pictures of our Wolves from this past month. These are our favorites!
Wolf Population by Josh Tolbert  - The following paper was an assignment for a student at Murray Windham, Class 2034. Part of his assignment was to interview Maria Ferguson, Founder of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
My Whapy Days - by Brian Kelley  - An article written by 12 year old Brian Kelley of Boca Raton, Florida about his volunteer experience at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
Wolves in October - by Maria Ferguson  - Find out what the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves have been up to in October of 2007. See how big the pups have grown and watch the slideshow and video.
Our Wolves in Late Fall by Maria Ferguson  - Read all about the fall actiivites for the Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
Niko Akni suffered a year end leg injury  - Our male Wolf pup, Niko Akni, from the 2007 pup pack suffers a leg injury. Read about his treatment and recuperation.
Sister Wolves  - This is a series of photos of our two Wolf Pup Sisters, Chito and Nita of the 2007 Pup Pack. Information is included on how you can own this set of prints.
What are the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves up to?  - Find out what the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves were up to this Holiday Season. Watch video of their Christmas celebration.
Wolf News Around the World, January 2008 - by Chris Kirby  - Find out what went on in the World of the Wolf during the month of January 2008.
She Loves Wolves by Lorene McKinney  - Read this article written by an amazing young lady and one of our supporters. She Loves Wolves!
January 2008 Update on Wolf Howl Animal Preserve’s Wolves  - The Wolves are enjoying their winter so far, read all about it.
“The Custer Wolf” A biography of an American Renegade, a book review by Sarah Devonshire  - Read this wonderful book review submitted by student, Artist and wildlife enthusiast, Sarah Devonshire, regarding the biography of the Custer wolf.
Wolf News Around the World, December 2007 - by Chris Kirby  - This month’s Wolf news was painstakingly put together by Ms. Kirby. It contains some vital information as to the future of the Wolf in the wild in the Northern Rockies. With the impending delisting, there are plans being put together that if acted on wi
The Gift of Life and being Wolves - by Maria Ferguson  - A video play by play of a Wolf pack eating prey. Not for the faint of heart.
Wolf News Around the World, November 2007 - by Chris Kirby  - Find out what was happening in the month of November as far as Wolf News goes. You will also find several things you could do to help as the delisting in the Northern Rockies draws near.
Field Vasectomies for the Wolves by Maria Ferguson  - Find out where, why, when and how the adult male Wolves had a vasectomy at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
Wolf News Around the World - by Chris Kirby  - Read October's Wolf news briefs from around the globe.
Excerpts from the Red Wolf Five-year Status Review chosen by Chris Kirby  - Read the excerpts chosen by Chris Kirby from the Southeast Fish & Wildlife's Five-year Status Review concerning the Red Wolf.
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