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Red Wolf Pictures

The Red Wolf, Canis Rufus, historic range was the Southeast United States. The species was considered extinct in the wild by 1980. Thanks to the Red Wolf Recovery Program, the Red Wolf is making a comeback.

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Two Red Wolves Picture Two Red Wolves
A picture of two Red Wolves at the Racine Zoo in ...
Racine Zoo Red Wolf Picture Racine Zoo Red Wolf
Maria Ferguson takes a picture of a Red Wolf ...
Red Wolf, airplane ears Picture Red Wolf, airplane ears
This Red Wolf is displaying a sign of submission ...
Red Wolf, Canis Rufus Picture Red Wolf, Canis Rufus
As part of the Species Survival Program, fourteen ...
Red Wolf Captive Bred Picture Red Wolf Captive Bred
This picture of a captive bred Red Wolf was taken ...
Red Wolf Dad and Red Wolf Pups Picture Red Wolf Dad and Red Wolf Pups
Recently, a captive Red Wolf Dad had to take over ...
Red Wolf Dad picking up Pup Picture Red Wolf Dad picking up Pup
Red Wolves are small in comparison to their ...
Red Wolf Picture Red Wolf
This is a photograph of a Red Wolf, Canis rufus, ...
Red Wolf in the wild picture Picture Red Wolf in the wild picture
A Red Wolf in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee
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