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Lone Wolf Pictures

We have named this part of the gallery, Lone Wolf Pictures because the photos are those of single Wolves. There are lone Wolves in the wild. Wolves usually leave the comforts of the pack structure to mate or because they do not wish to accept their position in the pack hierarchy.

Click on the image to view a larger picture and description.
  Wolf pictures, resting Wolf
Wa-ta-chee, March 1, 2009
Wolf pictures, resting Wolf Picture
  Wolf pictures, female Wolf
Chito, March 2009
Wolf pictures, female Wolf Picture
  Wolf pictures, Omega
Nita, winter of 2009
Wolf pictures, Omega Picture
  Wolf pictures, Alpha Male
Alpha Wolf at dawn
Wolf pictures, Alpha Male Picture
  Wolf pictures, asleep
Ohoyo asleep in the straw
Wolf pictures, asleep Picture
  Wolf pictures, Melancholy
A subdued Chito
Wolf pictures, Melancholy Picture
  Wolf pictures, Omegas on top
Nita on top for a change
Wolf pictures, Omegas on top Picture
  Wolf pictures, stretch
Waya waking up to snow
Wolf pictures, stretch Picture
  Wolf pictures, snow day
Nita in the snow
Wolf pictures, snow day Picture
  Wolf pictures, morning
Wa-ta-chee stretching
Wolf pictures, morning Picture
  Wolf pictures, lone female
Gorgeous Ohoyo
Wolf pictures, lone female Picture
  Wolf pictures, curling up
Ohoyo in a tight winter's day curl
Wolf pictures, curling up Picture
  Beautiful Wolf Portrait
Our Majestic Alpha Male, Wa-ta-chee
Beautiful Wolf Portrait Picture
  Close up and Personal Wolf
Early legends of the Wolf depict them in two ...
Close up and Personal Wolf Picture
  Subordinate Male Wolf picture
Our Sleek male Wolf, Waya
Subordinate Male Wolf picture Picture
  Wolf chillin picture
Female Wolf laying low in the summer
Wolf chillin picture Picture
  Wolf likes to landscape
Wolf landscaping at our Preserve
Wolf likes to landscape Picture
  Female Wolf
Female wolves in captivity have been known to ...
Female Wolf Picture
  Wolf pulling down sappling
Ohoyo likes to pull the sapplings down and eat the leaves
Wolf pulling down sappling Picture
  Wolf Yawn picture
Big yawn
Wolf Yawn picture Picture
  Wolf in den picture
A good way to stay cool in the summer
Wolf in den picture Picture
  Wolf escaping summer heat
The stone platform ledge brings this Wolf relief
Wolf escaping summer heat Picture
  Wolf Running
Wolves need to be and are indeed fast and ...
Wolf Running Picture
  Wolf in spring picture
Wolves loose their ruffs in spring
Wolf in spring picture Picture
  Fly Bites on Wolves
This is a Wolf at the preserve where I used to ...
Fly Bites on Wolves Picture
  Sweet Wolf
This Timber Wolf Photo is of sweet Denali a Wolf ...
Sweet Wolf Picture
  Wolf Picture of an Alpha Male
Old Trapper legends boast of the two hundred ...
Wolf Picture of an Alpha Male Picture
  Timber Wolf
The Eastern Timber Wolf,Canis Lupus Lycaon, was ...
Timber Wolf Picture
  Shy Wolf
Princess, a very shy wolf at the preserve where I ...
Shy Wolf Picture
  A Famous Wolf
An artist's drawing of this Wolf won a contest in ...
A Famous Wolf Picture
  Wolf Gazing
The Wolf has been exterminated from 95% of its ...
Wolf Gazing Picture
Wolves possess a high level of intelligence. ...
Alert Picture
  Wolf Photo - Looking Sleepy
Wolves tend to (excuse the expression) cat nap. ...
Wolf Photo - Looking Sleepy Picture
  Wolf pictures, Wolf approaching
Wolves are extremely cautious but also curious by ...
Wolf pictures, Wolf approaching Picture
  Wolf pictures, Wolf at Sunset
This photographic capture of a Wolf at Sunset is ...
Wolf pictures, Wolf at Sunset Picture
  Wolf Toy picture
Wolves like to use branches, limbs of trees, ...
Wolf Toy picture Picture
  Wolf pictures, Our Chito
In the Chickasaw language "Nashoba" means Wolf. ..
Wolf pictures, Our Chito Picture
  Mature Black Wolf picture
This Black Wolf is howling
Mature Black Wolf picture Picture
  Black Wolf Photo
Notice the brown cast on this Black Wolf
Black Wolf Photo Picture
  Mexican Gray Wolf
Mexican Gray Wolf Photo by Jim Clark courtesy of ...
Mexican Gray Wolf Picture
  Lone Wolf on Hill
This is a picture of a Lone Wolf on a Hill.
Lone Wolf on Hill Picture
  Snow on nose of black Wolf
Wolves uncover small prey in snow
Snow on nose of black Wolf Picture
  Lone Wolf Resting
Picture of a lone Wolf resting in a field.
Lone Wolf Resting Picture

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