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Timber Wolf Pictures

These are pictures of eastern Timber Wolves, Canis Lupis Lycaon. This recognized subspecies held the largest range in North America. In this Wolf picture gallery you will find pictures of adult Timber Wolves, gray Wolves and yearling Timber Wolves.

Click on the image to view a larger picture and description.
  Wolf pictures, playing
Timberwolves playing in March
Wolf pictures, playing Picture
  Muzzle sparring picture
Two of our 2007 Yearling Wolves
Muzzle sparring picture Picture
  A Timber Wolf den picture
Two Wolves at the den
A Timber Wolf den picture Picture
  Wolf teeth picture
Muzzle sparing
Wolf teeth picture Picture
  Timber Wolf Watachee
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve's Watachee
Timber Wolf Watachee Picture
  Wolf Jaw picture
Open Wide
Wolf Jaw picture Picture
  Timber Wolf Ohoyo
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve's Ohoyo
Timber Wolf Ohoyo Picture
  Timber Wolf Waya
Waya is our Alpha Male
Timber Wolf Waya Picture
  Grouchy Timber Wolf
Meet, Bravo, a Timber Wolf at the preserve where ...
Grouchy Timber Wolf Picture
  Omega Timber Wolf
This is Dakota a very shy omega timber wolf. The ...
Omega Timber Wolf Picture
  Alpha Female Wolf
Ms. Mona is an Alpha Female. You had to watch ...
Alpha Female Wolf Picture
  Pretty Girl Wolf
Captive Wolves need special attention during the ...
Pretty Girl Wolf Picture
  Wolf being camera shy
Niko, a captive Wolf at the preserve where I ...
Wolf being camera shy Picture
  Wolf former Alpha
This was an Alpha Male Timber Wolf who was ...
Wolf former Alpha Picture
  Wolf Den
This Timber Wolf picture was taken by Maria ...
Wolf Den Picture
  Wolf Picture of King
This is Thor, a Timber Wolf, when he was King. ...
Wolf Picture of King Picture
  Wolf yawning
My what big teeth you have! The jaws of a Wolf ...
Wolf yawning Picture
  Omega Wolf
Wolves, by nature are opportunists. Washo was ...
Omega Wolf Picture
  Washo, Timber Wolf
This picture was shot through the lens of Maria ...
Washo, Timber Wolf Picture
This Timber Wolf appears to be daintily posing ...
Posing Picture
  Timber Wolf Alpha
Canis lupus lycaon, other wise known as the ...
Timber Wolf Alpha Picture
  Timber Wolf with snow nose photo
Wolves dig snow
Timber Wolf with snow nose photo Picture
  Canis Lupus Lycaon
This photo is of a wise, old Timber Wolf, Canis ...
Canis Lupus Lycaon Picture
  Wolf Celebrity
Shy boy, the Timber Wolf celebrity in this photo, ...
Wolf Celebrity Picture
  Wisconsin Timber Wolf
Shy boy, the Timber Wolf in this photo, taken by ...
Wisconsin Timber Wolf Picture
  Wise Wolf
Thor, the Timber Wolf in this photo taken by ...
Wise Wolf Picture
  King Wolf
This is a picture of a Timber Wolf with a royal ...
King Wolf Picture
  Timber Wolf howling
Nothing is as amazing as the sound of a Wolf's howl
Timber Wolf howling Picture
  Timber Wolf in the Snow
Picture of a Gorgeous Timber Wolf in the Snow.
Timber Wolf in the Snow Picture
  Wolf pictures, Timberwolves
Nita, Ohoyo and Niko Akni
Wolf pictures, Timberwolves Picture
  Wolf pictures, playing
Wolves playing in March
Wolf pictures, playing Picture
  Pumpkin Head Wolf
Nita burying her head in her pumpkin
Pumpkin Head Wolf Picture
  Pumpkin rolling picture I
Woha and her Pumpkin 2008
Pumpkin rolling picture I Picture
  Pumpkin Rolling picture II
Pumpkin Fest 2008
Pumpkin Rolling picture II Picture

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