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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, LLC Fence Signs

$100 Fence Signs 

  • Jessie Brantley, Russellville, KY
  • JoAnna Browder, Kenosha, WI, JoJo loves her Dukey Nugget 
  • Deborah Collins, Lehigh Acres, FL
  • Alex Coyle, Virginia Beach, VA, in honor of Wa-Ta-Chee
  • Frank Coyle, Virginia Beach, For Wolves Everywhere
  • Jordan Crosby, Founder of Club Wolf
  • Don & Maria Ferguson, Everything is Niko
  • In Memory of Handsome Maxwell our first Grandcat, Love Grandpa and Grandma
  • John Geraghty, Kenosha, WI
  • Kim Eileen Gill, Berlin, Germany, For All of the Wolves taking care of her Mom in Heaven
  • Mike & Barbara Henson, Olive Branch, MS, requests no sign
  • Brian Kelley, Boca Raton, FL, In Honor of all Wolves Near & Far 
  • Chris Kirby, Wolf Supporter
  • Ken Kirby for Ebony
  •  Mr. & Mrs. Kirby for our RITA ROO CANADIAN BEAUTY
  • Mike & Susan Kline, In memory of Shiska
  • Reibia Lorwerth
  • Jerry Martin, Luling, LA in memory of Fancy Skipper Dan
  • Jerry Martin, Luling, LA in memory of Baby
  • Jerry Martin, Luling, LA in memory of Pluto, my first one 
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA in memory of Chase
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA, requests no sign
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA, requests no sign
  • Jerry Martin Luling LA, requests no sign
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA in memory of Daisy
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA...number 9!!!!
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA....number 10!!!!
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA....number 11!!!!
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA....number 12!!!!
  • Jerry Martin, Luling LA....number 13!!!!
  • Deborah Madaris, Meridianville, AL, In memoriam to Stonewolf, a Magnificent, much loved, Greyhound
  • Lorene McKinney, Stockton, CA, She Loves Wolves!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, In Memory of his Shiloh.
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD, again!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore MD, once again!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD, how many are you going for Mack?
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD, he's going for the gold!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD, thank you for number 6, Mack!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD....number 7!!!!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD.....number 8!!!! 
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD.....number 9!!!!!
  • Adrian (Mack) McNeill, Baltimore, MD....number 10!!!!! 
  • Elaine n' Callum Mcpherson, Falkirk, Scotland in memory of Floyd and Suki, Paw Prints on My Heart
  • Frank Motto, Tyler, TX
  • Matt Plott, Hampstead, MD, For the Wolves of the World
  • Gyllian Prentice & Hans Jurg Schneider, El Raco Del Duc, Espana
  • Marty Price, Ottawa, Canada
  • Marty Price, Ottawa, Canada
  • In Honor of Niko, Wes & Mara 
  • Terry Rhodes, Memphis, TN in honor of Kodi, his devoted companion
  • Mario Schlimm, Berlin, Germany, In memory of Monja
  • Wolf Schlimm, Woodstock, Canada
  • Mark Schmitt, Sr., Lyndhurst, OH, in honor of Wyatt, who started it all
  • Dale Spartz and Shelly Erickson, Scottsdale, AZ, Two Wolf Lovers
  • Annette Townsend, Olive Branch, MS, in memory of Prince of Arrogance
  • Alexander Vermilyea, Riverside, RI
  • David White, Alberta, Canada,  In Honor of Shodn, Aislynn & Shilo
  • Todd Ward, US Army, Tamassee, SC

$50 Fence Certificates

  • Rileen Blair, Havana, FL
  • Jeff Briggs, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Philip Coleman, Long Branch, NJ
  • Chris Geraghty, Madison, WI
  • Mike Lesley, Birmingham, AL 
  • Jill Scurry, Sherrills Ford, NC
  • Nancy Thoennes, Englewood, CO 

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